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WPC panels or wood panels are made of wood, plastic and composites. WPC is a modern decorative construction material used in exterior and interior applications.

Wooden panels made of a WPC mixture retain the visual appearance of wood.

Advantages of WPC wooden panels are manifold. They are not attacked by insects, do not dry up or crack, do not need to be coated for protection, and are resistant to any weather conditions.

WPC wood panels are a durable eco-friendly material.

WPC wooden panels are fire-resistant, with a B1 flammability certificate, which gives them advantages over natural wooden panels.

WPC wooden panels are easy to mount on a substructure and are widely used on façades and in hotels, bars, and apartments.

We offer:

  • wooden panels, and
  • wooden beams 100×50
  • wooden beams 120×120
  • wooden beams 50×49
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